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ALL our walks lead along fieldroads, ancient footpaths and donkey paths, partly cross-country.
EACH walk has its own character regarding scenery, views, vegetation, places of interest, coffee stop and taverna after the walk.

We did promise you a new weekly programme, but due to a long period of bad weather this winter, we have not been entirely successful in doing that.
The walks on Monday and Wednesday are new in parts and the Fridaywalk is entirely new!

There is also a Summer programme.

Opening hours: see Contact us

Footprints Description

Daily Walks Routes 2017

Footprints  Monday
GREEN valleys
griffin VULTURES
Leaving Giannoudi we walk through olive groves and via a shady dirt road towards Prasses, where we have a view of the imposing cliffs of the Prassano Gorge.
Shall we see vultures setting off from their inaccessible caves?
While passing some refreshing wells, we continue through hilly landscape and varied vegetation, to Chromonasteri.  
Footprints  Tuesday
This walk is particularly interesting for its unusual geological landscape and an abundance of flowers.
From Kare we walk down into a valley where fossils of large shells tell us about the long-ago past when Crete was still part of the bottom of the sea. After a short and, in some places, steep climb, we have splendid views of Psiloritis, Mount Kedros and the White Mountains.  
Footprints  Wednesday
A beautiful gorge-like valley, lush vegetation and picturesque villages in a more inland part of Crete, make this walk full of interest!
It goes up and down along old, stony footpaths between low stone walls, once the only connection between the villages.
A cool well under an imposing plane tree offers us refreshment before we arrive in Agios Konstantinos.  
Footprints  Thursday
and a MINOAN
During this walk we visit a part of the Minoan cemetery of Armeni. It is still not known where the people who were buried here lived.
We walk in hilly surroundings along agricultural roads and partly cross-country.
It is an area with a large variety of trees, where oaks give us shade.
The views of the Lefka Ori and Mount Vrisinas are very rewarding!  
Footprints  Friday
Old stony footpaths through most authentic landscape, some villages and magnificient views of the surrounding mountains are the main ingredients of this beautiful walk.
One of the highlights is a path through a green gorge, where we also have to cross the riverbed several times!
We'll have our coffee-break in the traditional Cretan "kafeneion" of the village of Saitoures.  
Footprints  Saturday
This is a walk filled with nature and culture! We walk through a splendid green, wooded area where we are surrounded by eroded limestone walls and lots of fossilised coral. We also pass the oldest bridge in Crete and rock-cut graves. After a short visit to a Byzantine church with frescoes, we continue on an adventurous path to the pottery village of Margarites.  
Footprints  Sunday
This walk offers a bit of everything: colourful nature in all its variety, traditional villages, very old olive trees, a folk museum in the village of Amnatos and breathtaking views of the sea and Mount Ida. Via dirt roads and cross-country paths we see several churches, olive groves and the decorated arch of an old Venetian gateway. At the end there will be a hospitable welcome in Pikris by Kostas and Dina.

Video - Daily walks 2013